From Catachan one of the most fiercest Death Worlds comes an intimidating Arch-Militant by the name of Axel Grimm. Standing at 6'3" and weighing in at 244lbs this Jungle Warrior has been trained and drilled for 20 years in Urban Warfare, Jungle Warfare, Hand-to-Hand, CQC, and Field Operations. Surviving the treacherous wildlife on Catachan has left Axel very jaded as such death and gore barely phase him and has had an impact on his social skills, but its done wonders for his intimidation tatics. Axel joined a mercenary crew and got off of Catachan in search of glory, as he traveled from port to port and town to town he has always had a knack for stirring up trouble. One day after a night of drinking and possible barfight, Axel Grimm awoke inside the Homestead unaware of how he got there or what he was in for.

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