RT Homestead

Homestead Bound is a campaign being run at Tate's Gaming Satellite.

A crew of mercenaries are hired by Lord-Admiral Nathan Zachary to aid in restoring a mysterious Rogue Trader's house to its former glory.

On their flagship, "The Homestead", this crew of misfits make their way across the stars.


  • Admiral Nathan Zachary - The laid back commander.
  • Axel Grimm- A store ship destroying Arch Militant.
  • Fayte Lockheart- The on-sight Explorator.
  • Greaves Fenrir- The Wolf Of Vengeance.
  • Krios Delvia- The scheming Astropath.
  • Laz- A drunk Missionary.
  • Moll- Deadly Desu Damsel (Never in Distress)
  • Nicole Zachary- 'Princess' Pilot
  • Red Ded- The 'Shneaky' Ork.
  • Rex T Darby III- A Seneshcal that is a hunter of monsters and money.
  • The Vulture- Trader-ous Scum of the Koronus Expanse


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