I tore the bounty poster off of the wall, the rough paper rubbed against my bare fingertips. Ever since I managed to get my hands on a proper ship, paying the Zanzibar crew has started to take a major toll on what little remained of my personal fortunes. Being able to collect this bounty would surely help boost my empy credit accounts, but what was more important is the crusade authorization, that would unlock an unexplored sector to my crew. The chances of finding lost tech or other valuables far outweighed any trivial bounty, even from a family as influential as the Damosians. With the bounty warrant in hand, I proceeded ino the arbites station with my astropath ans seneschal to find some expendable muscle, and boy did I find some. There was a fifteen year old boy nearly as muscled as an Ork, and a feroucious looking Wolfman mutant; both incarcerated for some bar room incident. I speak with a travelling enforcer and together we managed to post bail and secure release for the two . MORE COMING

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