Hello Traveler! These are the wild and manly adventures of our hero, Rex T Darby III! They'll be filled action, betrayal, romance, and (most importantly) Money!. So, without further adieu, lets begin!

Our hero first heard of the Homestead through one of his contacts on Jika. He was told of their desperate need for a master of commerce, business, and diplomacy. Intrigued by this, he made his way towards the Jikan homeworld.

(After that a whole bunch of bureaucratic bullsh*t happened, so we'll just skip it. TALLY HO!)

After a tedious process, he had finally arrived on the Homestead. After getting a layout of the ship and his living quarters, he made his way to the room where he was to meet his fellow crewmates. Once there, he sat down and took a good look at his new crewmates. Suddenly, a terrible truth had revealed itself!

They were all.....POOR

Taken aback, he rushed to establish the natural order of things. "If you have less than 7 profit factor, please refrain from speaking to me" He said with manly vigor. The peasant-crewmates seemed angered by this. No matter, thought our hero, they'll serve their purpose. One of the fellows looked a lot like a mangled hunting dog, only without the ability to kill anything. (Burn!) The rest of the group looked pretty normal, aside from the greenskin.

Anywho! Once everyone had introduced one another, our hero's captain introduced himself as a man named Nathan. A intriguing fellow to be sure, he explained the mission of the Homestead and the part we played in it. Prepared for the worst, our brave hero steeled his nerve and braved forward!

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