The Lord Admiral Edit

The planet known as Fuchsia is one of few planets in the known universe that is neutral to both humans and orcs. It is governed by a race often referred to as the space elves by the ignorant folk back at Azures. It is by the will of these 'elves' that the planet is open all manner of intergalactic species, whether they are tourists taking some time off, merchants selling their wares, or travelers just simply passing by.

It is on one spaceport on this planet where a young man waits on a private landing pad with a pocket watch in hand.

His hair is short, black, and combed back. He is clean shaven, with black eyes. He wears a dark jacket with a heightened collar. Fur runs down in a line at the front of the jacket, on both sides of a zipper. He wears gray gloves, long pants, and a pair of well shined black boots.

On his back is a small metal container, a helmet hanging on it. The helmet sports a pair of rectangular googles with a visor above it. The mouthpiece of the helmet bears a rectangular vent, with two small circles on both sides. On the lower part of the mouthpiece, a pair of tubes run down the helmet and connect to the backpack.

"Only two more minutes left." The man states.

No sooner than he said that, his phone rings. Putting his watch away in his jacket's pocket, he answers his phone.

"This is Kraile Endieryk, state your business." He bluntly says.

On the other line on the phone he hears the caller's voice. "Yeah, hello? Good morning!! You're the uh, bird guy right? The uuuuuhhhh-", Kraile hears the sound of fingers snapping three times sounds over the phone, "the Vulture guy? The one I'm supposed to meet?"

"Yes that is my nickname. Am I to assume that you are the Admiral?"

"That's me alright. Listen, I'm about to land, so if you're not there already, you might want to hurry up."

Kraile looks around until he sees a red jet above, and behind him descending quickly. Erring on the side of caution, he takes a few steps to the side, clearing the way for the jet.

Much to Endieryk's horror the jet is descending too quickly and it's actually below the platform.

"Admiral, pull up! PULL UP!!"


The jet suddenly, and inexplicably rises above the platform, causing Kraile to take a step back.

As the Admiral lands his jet, he ends up stopping at the far end of the platform, almost falling off of it. The jet produces a beeping sound as it backs up using its landing gear. Only after the jet is at the center of the platform does it shut down.

The cockpit opens to reveal it's pilot. He appears to be a man in his mid thirties, with medium brown hair and a short beard. He appears to be a little taller than Kraile, about 6"2' if he had to guess.

He sports an olive green jacket. Sewn on the jacket's left sleeve is a patch that shows a red warplane with bird wings and a angry face; the words 'Red Wings' written below it. He also wears light brown gloves, long tan pants with a gun holstered on his right leg, and dark brown boots.

The man climbs down the jet's ladder, jumping down once he steps on the fourth rung. "Told you I knew what I was doing."

Kraile Endieryk walks up to meet the Admiral. "That was the worst landing I have ever witnessed. Are you really Admiral Zachary?"

The man spits "Of course I am!! Haven't you looked at the picture that Ramierez sent ya?"

Kraile stops in front of Zachary. "Yes, and you do look exactly like the picture they sent; but I've also read about Admiral Zachary. Not only is he supposed to be over 60, but he also possesses inhuman aerial combat capabilities that are, as Ramierez put it 'the stuff of legends'."

Zachary stops Kraile short. "Yeah that stuff is true. The reason I look so young, and handsome, is because I can afford to have genetic regeneration surgery to wind the years back. As far as the landing goes, I just have a nasty habit of not slowing down once I'm on a roll, so landing is not my strong suit. Satisfied? Now what about you? How can I know that you're really 'the Vulture'." As Zachary mentions the last two words, he throws his hands in the air and motions air quotes with his fingers.

Kraile reaches for his helmet, "Shall I recount the process which led to my involvement in this business transaction?" As Kraile puts his helmet on, it activates and lets loose a small gust of smoke from the small circles on the mouth piece.

Zachary puts his arm on Vulture's shoulder and pushes him off to the side. "Okay I believe ya, that won't be necessary.

Now can we get going? I'd like to get this done and be on my way back on what's left of my vacation."

. . . . . .

A few minutes later, Zachary and Vulture are driving down a highway in a rental car, with Zachary at the wheel.

"Can you slow down!? The speed limit is one hundred!" Vulture beckons the Admiral.

Zachary scoffs. "No way, no one ever goes the limit on a highway. Besides... I need to let off some steam."

Vulture holds on tightly to his seat as Zachary weaves through traffic. Zachary continues to talk.

"I mean, it's bad enough that Tarron has me picking up this thing while I'm on vacation, but to do so when I'm trying my best to spend as much of that time with my family is absolutely insane!!

Come to think of it, you do know what we're picking up right?"

Vulture looks at Zachary. "No I don't! I've read the details of the purchase several times over, but the object in question has only ever been referred to as the 'Golden Sarcophagus'. Now I could be wrong, but I highly doubt that Mr. Damos would approve of a coffin that would cost him over 10 Million Gold!"

Zachary laughs. "That depends on your definition of a coffin, Vulture!

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the lengths Tarron has gone through to secure this purchase for me, I'm just infuriated that he wants me to do it now!

I mean, I seriously don't get to spend enough time with my kid as it is! Want me to tell you why?"

"No sir, I would rather-"

"Okay, you've talked me into it.

Because I'm an Admiral, I'm responsible for Tarron's Armada. I tell the captains where to go, what to do, and when to do it. That means I have to plan at least weeks ahead for those deployments, and calculate the costs of the endeavors!

And God forbid, that some fighter jets try to slip into our airspace: Because then I have to scramble the nearby forces to intercept them, forcing me to delay my plans!

All of this takes me away from raising my daughter, Nicole.

She is a wonderful girl. Honor student almost all of her school life. Didn't take shit from any one of her pompous peers or her upper class-men. She even put a couple of teachers in their place! And at the end of it all, she graduated with honors.

Now just a few weeks ago, she completed her training, and is now a full fledged pilot of Tarron's armada. She is going to be a wing commander on my ship in about a week.

I want to be there with her before she joins me on board the 'Homestead'. But NOOOO, Tarron wants me to run this errand myself, because apparently this too important to trust to anyone else!!"

"You'll need to take this next exit." Vulture commented.

"Really? Huh... I thought it would be a little further down the road."

The car slows down as it goes down the exit ramp, causing Vulture to relax his grip. He sighs in relief causing steam to vent out of his helmet.

"Fortunately for us, the factory we're heading towards was built within proximity to the spaceport specifically to make delivery trips shorter. We should be arriving momentarily."

"That's great." Zachary replied. "Sooo, you gonna tell me why you bother to put that ugly thing on your head? And what is up with all the steam anyway?"

Vulture raises his hand dismissively. "That isn't your concern."

He looks out of his side window. "The factory is over there."

Zachary looks in the direction Vulture is pointing to. "Ah that's what it looks like. I have to admit, I kind of imagined it being bigger.....

Why are there so many cop cars around?"

Fayte Lockheart Edit

The factory is only two stories tall, and made of what appears to be a golden alloy. A large garage door is situated at the center of the building, with a road leading straight out to the street.

Off to the building's right, several cars can be seen. Green lights flash from the cars roofs', signifying them as enforcement vehicles of the Elven race.

Zachary parks the car and walks towards the source of the commotion. Vulture catches up to him. "You're taking up two rows of space back there."

"Who cares!? Aren't you the least bit interested in what's going on here? This little trip is actually getting quite exciting!"

An Elven enforcer walked up to stop the two from proceeding any further. He is tall, with dark brown skin and medium blond hair.

"Stand back you two. There is an ongoing investigation going on."

Vulture stopped, but Zachary kept going not even giving the enforcer. "If you wanted to keep me out, you should've laid some police tape before I arrived here."

The enforcer had turned around to stop Zachary, but the Admiral's statement and casual disregard caught him off guard. He stood in place, unsure of what to do.

Vulture speaks to the enforcer. "Do you mind telling me what's going on here?"

Snapping to attention, the Elf looks at Vulture. "Um... well. There was an attempted robbery here a few hours ago. Seven human men, carrying illegal firearms broke into the factory's main entrance over there and tried to make off with a large container of some kind."

Vulture gently put his right hand in a fist and rested the side of his chin on it, just under the mask's right tube.

"You say it was an attempted robbery, am I to assume that they were unsuccessful?"

The enforcer tipped his hat up, revealing his violet eyes. "That is correct sir. They were stopped by the factory's defense system, and one very angry, human woman."

"ROOKIE!" An voice yelled from somewhere in the crowd of cops. "STOP CHATTING WITH THE PRIMITIVE AND GET YOUR SORRY ASS OVER HERE!"

The Elf flinches and utters an apology before taking off.

Vulture once again heads into the crowd of cops, and looks for Zachary. He finds him at the factory's entrance talking to an android, wearing a hoodie.

It was shorter than Zachary, and was mostly humanoid. A robotic limb hung from the middle of the android's back. Including it's hoodie, it wore a medium skirt with long pants underneath it and worn out boots.

When Zachary spies Vulture, he shouts "Hey Vulture, did you hear? Apparently some idiots tried to make off with our merchandise."

"So it would seem" Vulture commented dryly. "The local authorities say that a human woman drove them off."

The machine next to Zachary rose her hand, and in a feminine voice it spoke, "That would be me".

What Vulture mistook for a robot, took off a metallic mask from her face, revealing a normal, albiet beautiful, woman's face.

"The name's Fayte Lockheart, love: and who the hell are you?"

Taking off his helmet, Kraile answered "I am Vulture, Admiral Zachary's business partner for this exchange."

"Oh yeah, you're the other one. Take your gloves off, and hold out your finger for me." Fayte raises her hand, and waits patiently.

Kraile complies and puts his closed hand on her hand, with his index finger extended. Fayte cleans his finger with a wipe before taking out a small device which pricks Vulture's finger.

"Ow" He utters.

Fate puts Kraile's blood sample into another device held in her robotic arm. "Okay, the sample checks out. You're you."

"Glad to know" Kraile says, putting his glove back on. "Tell me, is our purchase still intact?"

Fayte groans in annoyance. "Questions, questions, questions. I'm getting sick and tired of having to answer questions!

Your 'purchase' is completely fine. Those creeps didn't even get the thing off of the floor before I reactivated the drones to intercept them."

Kraile sighs in relief as he puts his helmet back on. It puffs some steam as he shakes it into place. "Good to know. I'm grateful that you defended our Sarcophagus from-"

Fayte snorts in laughter. "Defended your Sarcophagus? AS IF! I was protecting myself! One of those creeps tried to rape me!"

"What a filthy barbarian" Zachary states casually.

"No kidding" Fayte replies. "He just went right up to me and tried to back me into a corner with his gun. Too bad for him, my body was made for battle, and I just happened to have placed my axe in that corner."

Zachary and Vulture exchange confused faces with each other before looking back at Fayte. "Your axe?" Vulture questions.

Fayte smiled. "Yeah, my personal, double edged, two handed, enchanted axe, made to cleave everything I swing it at. I told the higher ups that I needed it to add a "human touch" to the thing your employer had Jirantel and I build; but that was just a load of crap I had to tell them so I could use the equipment in here to sharpen it. It's not exactly easy to maintain an enchanted weapon."

There's an awkward pause before Zachary let's off a chuckle.

"I like this girl. Where did you learn to use that weapon."

"I did some military training back on the planet, Midnight. When I could, I decided to focus on starting my career as an engineer, and found myself here.

I became one of Jirantel's best aids until he unexpectedly died of a brain hemorrhage. Things have been... hectic ever since."

"I'm sorry for your loss" Zachary said.

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